Drawer Shelf

the Drawer Shelf

You may have heard of it before.  Sliding shelf, roll out shelf, slide out tray, etc.  By whatever name it is called, it simply means no more getting down on your hands and knees to reach the back of your cabinet.

We have teamed up with Drawer Connection Inc, one of the leading manufacturers of dovetailed drawer boxes in the country to bring you this exciting new product.

But what makes the Drawer Shelf different?

First of all, it was developed so you could “do-it-yourself” with ease. Our easy and quick installation makes sliding shelves a must have upgrade to your cabinets.

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After the Drawer Shelf

the Drawer Shelf is made from the best material and hardware.  There are no extra fees for upgrading.  Just the best in our standard package.

  • English dovetail joint construction
  • 9 ply Baltic Birch material
  • UV cured finish
  • Full extension ball bearing guides
  • Manufactured in the USA

Dovetail Construction

There are only 2 measurements needed

Measure the Width
Measure the depth

Measure the narrowest width of the opening.

This will most likely be where your door hinge is located. Measure the smallest width in order for the Drawer Shelf to fit during installation.

Measure the depth of the cabinet.

The Drawer Shelf is designed to be located on the bottom of the cabinet and sits no more than 4 inches high. Check for obstructions that may get in the way while installing.

With your measurements you can pick the size of Drawer Shelf you need. We offer 3 sizes in width and 2 sizes in depth. Order the width and depth that is smaller than or equal to your measurement to ensure it will fit correctly.

These prices include shipping. Your order will ship within 24 hours of confirmed purchase through PayPal.


DS1318 – 13″ wide 18″ deep 4″ tall – $55

DS1618 – 16″ wide 18″ deep 4″ tall – $55

DS1918 – 19″ wide 18″ deep 4″ tall – $55

DS1322 – 13″ wide 22″ deep 4″ tall – $65

DS1622 – 16″ wide 22″ deep 4″ tall – $65

DS1922 – 19″ wide 22″ deep 4″ tall – $65


We will soon have online ordering available. Until then, please contact us at stevesshelves@gmail.com for ordering information.

We have made the Drawer Shelf with easy installation in mind. It comes fully assembled and you only need a screwdriver to install it.

4 self tapping screws are included and the holes are pre-drilled. Simply place the Drawer Shelf on the bottom of your cabinet and screw it in.

Installation instructions

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.

Steve’s Shelves LLC is an authorized dealer of “the Drawer Shelf.”